is a company which has been operating on the Wholesale Fish Market of Chioggia since 2007

born as a Broker Company, with a young, professionally prepared corporate identity, well-known for its reliability and high quality products and services.

Ittica & Co is a consolidated corporate enterprise within the Fish Market of Chioggia, a bright lagoon town, a Broker company since 2007, with a professional and reliable identity which has distinguished the entire company throughout the years.

The quality of the fish products marketed, the perfect efficiency of its services and the cutting-edge logistics ensure the Chioggia Fish Market and Ittica & Co constitute a precise reference point for Italian and foreign distribution networks and for all those working in the retail and wholesale distribution.

The Chioggia Fish Market, which opened in 1960 on Isola Cantieri between the two channel ports of Lusenzo and San Domenico, is one of the most important in the country and lies at the centre of a production network which ranges from the fishing port, where one of the largest Italian fishing fleets docks, to a set of related import, processing, storage and product processing industries.

Ittica & Co markets fresh, live, frozen, defrosted, packaged and smoked fish even from far away.

The sea, the lagoon, the fish farms together with the lagoon and sea bivalve mollusc farms are considered natural gifts and the Chioggia Maritime Authorities practice all possible types of fishing (sea-bed or surface trawling, pots and creels, etc.), thereby ensuring a vast range of fresh fish products are supplied to the market and to the Consortium.

The company’s strategic position within the market area, the cold storage and temperature controlled facilities constantly ensure maintenance of the cold chain and high quality product standards.

Ittica & Co ’s entire operational network is subject to the mandatory high hygiene standards dictated by the HACCP control system.